“Better Elections for Santa Clara” is a campaign led by a group of Santa Clarans leading the charge to improve our democracy by passing Measure A on June 5, 2018.

What is Measure A?

Measure A would establish Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in all elections, including the mayor and six city council seats. The city council would be elected from two districts, each with three seats. Measure A was put on the ballot by a unanimous vote of the city council and was recommended by a unanimous final vote of the Charter Review Committee.

Why Should We Change Our Elections?

Measure A would replace the current plurality at-large system voting system that does not guarantee representative outcomes that prompted a lawsuit under the California Voting Rights Act.

Why is Measure A the right solution for Santa Clara?

  1. It would create better balance of representation across the city.
  2. It would give voters the power to vote for the candidate they like best without limiting their choices or forcing them to vote strategically.
  3. It would ensure that every vote and every voice matters in our elections.

Additional official information from the City of Santa Clara about Measure A is available here.