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Meet some of our Measure A supporters

Raj Chahal

“Measure A is an innovative solution to our current voting system; it is a home-grown solution brought forward by the community members after long deliberations. Vote Yes on Measure A.”

Raj Chahal, Vice-Chair, Planning Commission*

Lisa Gillmor

“Measure A was written by Santa Clarans for Santa Clarans. With two districts, our elections will be less expensive - decreasing the impact of political contributions, especially from special interests.”

Lisa Gilmor, Mayor, Santa Clara

Debi and Bill Davis 

“Now we can make Santa Clara elections even better and more accessible. Measure A is no-nonsense and is the right decision for our city. Vote YES on Measure A!”

Debi Davis, City Council Member, and Bill Davis

Kathy Watanabe

“I am proud to have been the first elected to serve the Northside. However, as the Northside continues to grow, more representation and diversity is needed to deal with the issues and needs of the area. Please join me in voting Yes on A!”

Kathy Watanabe, City Council Member

Dr. Nadeem

“I am delighted to support District-Based City Elections with Ranked Choice Voting because it’s a sustainable option for representing both the minority and majority populations in our City of Santa Clara.”

Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, former Chair, Civil Service Commission*

Teresa O'Neill

“Measure A will provide the right balance of electing Santa Clara leaders who care about the interests of the city as a whole and the needs of our neighborhoods.”

Teresa O’Neill, City Council member

Hazel Alabado

“Measure A will improve our city’s voting system, and allow us to elect Northside leaders to City Council to represent our voices, protect our community needs, and lead us to better control of decisions in hope for a better Santa Clara. Vote YES on Measure A!”

Hazel Alabado, Charter Review Committee member*

LaDonna Silva

“I’m hopeful that our city council will be a more diverse representation of our city residents.  Ranked choice voting will allow my votes to go further & allow more candidates the opportunity to represent their communities.”

LaDonna Silva, Board Member, YWCA Silicon Valley*

Harbir Bhatia

“Our current model is completely faulty, illegal, does not serve the residents and therefore doesn't bring the best for Santa Clara. We need this new system to allow the true winners to be selected fairly, be representative of the community and their needs, and increase the chances of minorities elected to Council. A more a diverse council will bring more diverse points of view, diverse experiences, and better representation of the constituents, therefore better decision making. This will improve the city for all the residents.”

Harbir Bhatia, Vice-Chair, Cultural Commission*

Tino Silva

“Measure A will help take the divisiveness out of politics and create more civility in our elections. It will make it cheaper for candidates to run, and it will be better than our current system at giving us more choices and more power to elect those who will best represent us. Please vote Yes on A this June.”

Tino Silva, Chair, Charter Review Committee*

Peter Kuo

“Measure A will make our city elections more civil and fair. It will improve representation of diverse opinions and concerns on the council. I urge you to vote Yes on Measure A.”

Peter Kuo, Executive Director, Venture Capital Roundtable*

Keith and Lorretta

“Outsiders would like for us to no longer elect our mayor and to carve up our city like San Jose. By contrast, Measure A was made by Santa Clarans for Santa Clara and ensures everyone in our community is fairly represented.”

Loretta Beavers, Chair, Cultural Commission* and
Keith Stattenfield, Vice-Chair, Charter Review Committee*

Hosam Haggag

“Measure A is a community-driven initiative that strikes the perfect balance between neighborhood representation and ensuring all people's voices are heard and represented on council. If Measure A passes it will ensure that divisive candidates can't take advantage of vote splitting, and it also protects the city against outside influences and dark money groups from trying to tip the scales in our elections. I encourage everyone to vote YES on Measure A!”

Hosam Haggag, Charter Review Committee member*

Robin Burdick

“Measure A has been crafted, reviewed and written by a committee of diverse Santa Clara residents, who have put the best interests of all of us first.

Measure A will provide Santa Clara with two equal voting districts that comply with California State law, as well as a an honest system of voting that will allow residents to choose the candidates who will best serve the City.

Please vote “Yes” on Measure A.”

Robin Burdick, Board Member, Mission City Community Fund

Will Kennedy

“Ranked choice voting allows us to always vote for the candidate we like most, without worrying about having wasted our vote on someone not likely to win.”

Will Kennedy, past City Council member*

Kathryn Limprecht

“I have been a resident of Santa Clara’s Northside for more than 25 years. Northside residents have many unique issues, but we have been under-represented in our city government. Measure A will bring the Northside one step closer to being more fully represented. I am happy to endorse Measure A.”

Kathryn Limprecht

* titles are listed for identification purposes only



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