What if Measure A fails?

If Measure A fails to get a majority in the election, then the city is back to where it was before it established the charter review commission.  And, it is still being sued by a plaintiff who claims that our elections are unfair and illegal, and that suit will proceed because the city will not have done anything to try to make things better.

If Measure A fails to get 50% of the vote, and pass, then very likely the judge who is currently considering the lawsuit against the city of Santa Clara for violating the California Voter Right Act will find that Santa Clara is in violation of the law, and this judge will impose a remedy since the citizens did not approve of this solution.  The plaintiffs are asking the judge to divide the city into seven single member districts and eliminate the elected office of mayor.  Each district will elect one council member, so instead of voting for three council members and the mayor, we'll instead get to vote for exactly one council member and the office of mayor will likely rotate among the members of the city council each year.

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